these might be the two greatest photos ever taken


APH Tomato Gang w/ speech bubbles! Art by Himaruya Hidekaz, edit by me.

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Photos taken by Prussia and uploaded to his blog.

Prussia states that someone sent him an ask; “they wanted me to eat England’s cooking”. So he went to England’s house just about lunch time to go eat some of it. He made a blog update including England’s photo (left), captioned “Why does he look so happy?” He received a lot of comments from other countries on this blog update, with France saying “We lost a precious person" and "To think that my first comment would be a departing comment… Adieu Prussia…

On the following blog update, Prussia included a candid shot of England (right) with a caption of: “I’m alive!!" "You jerks don’t go killing me off! I’m telling you I’m alive!

A lot of countries commented on this blog post as well. But unlike on the first post, these were comments of relief rather than condolences. “Please don’t make us worry,” Germany commented. “Whatever the case, if you’re okay then that’s great. Hurry up and come back and help with the cleaning.

When England finally accessed the web, he commented, too.

You jerk-

 Hey! What the heck you guys!! 

Shit, be fucking prepared; next time you'll definitely be made
to say (how) "delicious" (my cooking is)!

England 2009-04-01

[ Prussia’s blog cracks me up more than it should. Isn’t England’s smile precious?(ノ´∀`)♥ ]


bonnie: [offers clementine a cigarette]

clementine: [accepts and takes a drag]

lee: [reawakens from the dead, eyes slowly open, flings himself all the way to clementine] excUSE ME LITTLE LADY??


for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment